My profile pictureHi, my name is Jeff and I live in New Jersey. My wife and I maintain a large suburban lot nearly an acre in size. There is a vegetable garden, a big play yard in back and plenty of colorful, gorgeous landscaping around the house. Many people think we spend every spare moment slaving away on our yard, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I did put in several years as a landscaping crew foreman some time ago, so I know a few time-saving tricks and my wife has a natural affinity for growing things. However, there are scads of other things we prefer doing than yard work. We are just as lazy as the next couple.

Our secret is a tool shed full of select yard maintenance equipment including three weed eaters. The weed eaters are our main go-to tool for so many tasks. They are essential to maintaining our beautiful yard.

Why do we own three weed wackers? There is no single, all-around machine that can do it all, so we have the best weed wacker for light manicuring, a lightweight 2-cycle gas trimmer for smaller open areas and a big 4-cycle gas-powered monster for the big play yard. The middle one takes attachments including a small tiller and pruner, which come in so handy.

Given our long experience with weed trimmers, we decided to create this guide to the best weed wackers on the market. Our weed eater reviews are based on hundreds of hours of online and hands-on research covering models from a dozen manufacturers. Choose any of the models we recommend, and we guarantee you will be pleased.

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